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Having been off the smokes for nearly 4 years now (with a slight relapse just over a year ago) I decided it was about time I undertook some form of regular exercise.

Distance running was always something I was good at in my younger days, I used to regularly compete for the local athletics club, so I donned a pair of running shoes and embarked on the ‘Couch to 5k’ training programme.  This blog is an attempt to track my running activities as I hopefully progress from Couch to 5k and beyond!

This is my second attempt at Couch to 5k.  I started the programme last year (2014) and progressed, eventually, to the beginning of week 6.  But I had been plagued with injury and had to stop after an eventual stress fracture to my shin (partly due, I must add, to being kicked in the shin by a ten year old during an impromptu game of football at a birthday party).

I had blogged my progress before however I have since shifted blogging platform from ‘Blogger’ to ‘WordPress’ (a much finer platform in my own humble opinion) so this is a sort of double reboot…  New attempt at the running… new blog tracking my progress!

I have, in blogging terms, a little bit of catch up to do as I started the running programme back at the end of March (2015) and I am now currently entering week 7.  Therefor a little ‘back blogging’ will be in the pipeline to bring you up to speed with how I’ve been getting along this time round.  I’ll aim to get around to this shortly.

Well thats the first entry complete.  Updates to follow soon.




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